PS4 Console 1TB PRO Black+Fifa 20

PS4 Console 1TB PRO Black+Fifa 20

The PlayStation®4 Pro is able to offer a gaming experience that is more advanced thanks to the greater capacity of the image processing, and support for 4K resolution - PS4 Pro 1TB FIFA 20+Code

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Package contents:

  • PS4 Pro 1TB
  • FIFA 20
  • 1 DualShock 4
  • Code download for download 1 players pack gold rare and 30 icon objects on loan for 5 games in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Description of the console the PlayStation®4 Pro:

The PlayStation®4 Pro is able to offer a gaming experience that is more advanced thanks to the greater capacity of the image processing, and support for 4K resolution (in rendering or upscaling of images)*1.

Increasing the performance and the power of the CPU, GPU and, in general, the entire architecture of the system, PS4 Pro makes it possible for games with a graphics far more detailed and visual perfection without precedent. Owners of TV 4K will be able to play all the titles on PS4 at a level higher quality thanks to 4K resolution and refresh rates faster or more stable. PS4 Pro also allows the playback of video content in 4K, thereby making the possibility of using the services of video streaming 4K such as Netflix and YouTube.

Owners of HD TV have a better quality of the game on PS4 Pro, because the system guarantees that the 1080p resolution for all games PS4 and frequency of updates more or more stable for the supported titles.

With an eye to the future of the technology of the image, in addition, all systems PS4, including the PlayStation®4 Pro, support (through software update system) technology, High Dynamic Range (HDR)*2), which allows a better reproduction of highlights and shadows and offers a much wider range of colors. The owners of a TV that is compatible with the stardad HDR can enjoy games and other content, supported by images more realistic, extraordinarily vivid, and more faithful to the way in which actually the human eye sees the world.


  • Single-chip custom processor CPU: x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores
  • GPU: 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine
  • Memory: GDDR5 8GB
  • Storage space: 1TB*3
  • External dimensions: Approx. 295×55×327 mm (width × height × length)
  • Weight: approximately 3.3 kg
  • Drive BD/ DVD drive (read only) BD × 6 CAV DVD × 8 CAV
  • Input/ Output: Port Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen 1) 3 AUX Port × 1
  • Networking: Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)×1, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth® 4.0 (LE)
  • Power consumption: Max. 310W
  • AV output
  • Port HDMI™ out (supports 4K/HDR)

*1 Directly or via up-scaling.
*2 Supported by updating the software of your system.
*3 The hard disk drive contains space that is available for users and space that is reserved for the system, therefore the actual space free for users is smaller than the total capacity declared in the document.

Description of FIFA 20:

Thanks to the graphics engine Frostbite™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 gives life to two aspects of the beautiful game in the world: the prestige of professional football in the classic modes and a new experience of street football mode, EA SPORTS TIME.

FIFA 20, is re: the FOOTBALL brain to unlock a level of realism unprecedented in the dynamics of the game, FIFA Ultimate Team™ offers multiple ways to build the dream team and EA SPORTS TIME to go to the game in the street with a form of calcium reduced in rank.


EA SPORTS shows the game in the streets with the true culture, creativity and style of the games reduced in rank. Create your character and play according to your style in different scenarios all over the world.

Gameplay TIME: express your style with a system of completely new game based on realism. Inspired by the calcium-reduced in rank played in the streets, in cages and football fields in 5 of the world; the gameplay TIME it offers new tools to take in the reality of street football, including touches and skill moves simplified, new animations and even the ability to triangulate with the barriers.

Player: mode TIME allows you to customize your player in many aspects, from the clothes to the hairstyle, going for the tattoos and the emoticons to celebrate during the game. Create your own male or female character and get into the field in one of the many types of games available in the mode a TIME.

Apparel: show off your style in mode, TIME choosing the latest articles for your player, from t-shirts to shoes, up to sweatshirts, passing through different types of tattoos and hairstyles. Unlock more items by completing the challenges.

Location: the mode AGAIN gives life to the football pitch scattered all over the world. An underpass in Amsterdam, in a cage on the outskirts of London, up to the rooftops of Tokyo, the mode, TIME gives you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of football in various areas of the planet.

Game types: customization is the watchword at the base of the mode TIME. Play challenges 3 vs 3 without a goalkeeper, 4 vs. 4, 4 vs. 4 with no goalkeeper, 5 vs. 5 and games with the official rules of 5 a side football. In addition, the mode and available arenas and environments of different sizes, with or without barriers, in order to enjoy the greatest game in the world as you prefer.


  • Kickoff TIME: choose your favorite teams and hit the road to compete in a series of locations and different formats. Play PSG vs. Lyon in Paris, the derby of Madrid in the Spanish roads or Chelsea vs. Spurs in a cage in London.
  • World Tour TIME: improves your team's TIME playing games for single player against the roses of the community in different formats and locations. After each victory, it will be possible to recruit a player of the opposing team and improve your squad in terms of quality and understanding.
  • Story TIME: experience a narrative wizard with your player and take on the various legends of the street soccer all over the world. Earn rewards, customize your player and reclutane other for your team, until the epilogue with the tournament AFTER the World Championship of Buenos Aires.
  • Championship TIME: play the championship online, with promotions and relegations. The new format, the player lets you challenge other online users. Win enough games to climb up in the higher division.


Test your INTELLIGENCE in FOOTBALL, which presents a change of perspective in order to offer a level of unprecedented realism. The FOOTBALL brain allows you to live life to the fullest every moment on the field: with the ball, without the ball and through the ball. Based on three fundamental elements: the decisive Moments (with the ball), real Actions (without the ball) and Physics of the ball (through ball), this approach has been designed to put the user at the centre of each round.

Real actions: the awareness of time, space and location are fundamental qualities for a footballer of world-class. Thanks to the real Actions, each player controlled by the AI will act taking into account these components, creating a scenario that offers more time and space and puts more emphasis on the game controlled by the user.

  • One-on-one dynamic: the actions of the game journals, on the basis of the rhythms taught in the major leagues of the world, allow you to have space and speed are more realistic, giving rise to more opportunities for one-on-one, and by placing more emphasis on the decisive Moments controlled by the user.
  • The defence is managed by the IA: the positioning and the system to the contrasts of the revised permit to the companions managed by the AI to react better to the player controlled by the user. The IA will provide a more intelligent defense, rewarding and benefiting at the same time, the defense manual.
  • The natural movements of the players: innovations in mobility and positioning allow players controlled by the AI to move in a more fluid and composed, giving rise to the movements realistic for all of us in the field.
  • Decisive moments: The football is made of a series of crucial moments that determine the outcome of a match. By the completion controlled in the box, final field, up to the Contrasts that are controlled in defence, now the matches you will win or you will lose in the decisive Moments that are managed by the user.
  • Dribbling on the side: the new mechanics for dribbling on the side adds an extra option in attack, giving the possibility to move with greater agility in order to draw to himself his opponent and then overtake in the speed or dribbling.
  • Contrasts controlled: Using the system Active touch, the defense controlled by the user will be benefited with a number of new animations for the contrasts. More in the surgery is clean and the greater the possibility of players heading to the ball.
  • Update schemes, an update of the system that provides options that are more specific to the punishments of the first, and the shoot-out, with the introduction of the mechanical to kick based more on skill, with results even more rewarding.
  • Finalizing the subsidiary: the fundamentals of the shot reviewed will conclude with more precision and effectiveness. This creates an experience for the shots more similar to the reality, that rewards the conclusions and presents risks and rewards in the most complicated situations, such as shots of the flight on the cross.
  • Ball physics: the ball is the dynamic element more important than a game. The system that manages the physics of the ball introduces a new level of realism in the gameplay, offering new trajectories for the conclusions, contrasts, more realistic, and behaviors that are subject to the laws of physics.
  • Conscious movements: the movements revised introduces rotations more realistic for the ball and rebounds, which now happen more likely than in the past. This helps to create a soccer experience closer to reality.
  • New trajectories for the shots: the new system for the movements of the ball adds a series of trajectories realistic for shoots, from shoots to go down to the stitching, from kicks from a standing effect to the conclusions of the first.

The club competitions are the most prestigious in the world, such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup, they make their return to the FIFA 20, with the graphics of the official overlay, the coat of arms of the teams, footballs and trophies in real, inside of a variety of game modes including FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Career mode, UEFA Champions League, a separate and more.

It gains PE. Salts level. You get prizes. Advance and customize your team with the new system the objectives of the FUT 20. Advance and customize your team by completing a series of tasks to time during the year with increasingly demanding objectives and better rewards.
Make your team truly unique with the new options for customization that include uniforms, coats-of-arms, the themes for the stages, objects, and the cheering and celebrations, unlockable by completing the goals of the season.
To play the Friendlies in FUT with your team and the new special Rules, a new way more social for challenge your friends and other members of the community of FUT.
Discover the various ways to play, improve your pink and come in the winning of the FUT 20. Improve your team with the following prizes are awarded throughout the season, including packages and new options for customization.
Receive an award for accomplishments with your team FUT through long-term goals to complete during the season.


  • New experience to Kick-start
  • Career Mode
  • Pro Club
  • Skill tests

N° of online players: 1-22
No of offline players: 1-4.

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