Switch Joy-Torque Controller Blue / Neon Yellow


Nintendo Switch has two controller, one for each side, that work together: the Joy-Con. Inserting the two Joy-With in the handle Joy-With get a classic controller.Every Joy-With includes an accelerometer and a motion sensor


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  • Every Joy-With has a full set of buttons, then it can be considered as a controller-independent
  • Every Joy-With includes an accelerometer and a motion sensor
  • The Joy-With the left it has a capture button that players can press to capture images of the games to share with friends on social networks
  • The Joy-With the right includes an NFC sensor that allows you to interact with the amiibo, as well as a IR camera motion detect the distance, shape, and movements of nearby objects in games specially created. This allows the controller, for example, to measure how far is the hand of a player
  • Both Joy-With include a rumble feature advanced HD, which can perform vibration much more realistic than in the past in games compatible