List of products by brand Sony Computer Ent.

The VIDEO CONSOLE SONY PS4 500 GB + 3 GAMES PS4 + Horizon + Ratchet Clank Spider-Man 9391807 VIDEO CONSOLE SONY PS4 500 GB + 3 GAMES PS4 + Horizon + Ratchet Clanck Spider-Man
Wireless Controller for PS4 (DUALSHOCK®4) version of Berry Blue Take control of a new generation of games with the wireless controller the DUALSHOCK 4, which makes the action...
Product type: video game It is a video game of action and adventure Game platform: PlayStation 4 Players will take control of Ellie It is a single player game  
Release date:28/02/2021 Participants have a variety of vehicles that you feel and accelerate in a different way thanks to the trigger adaptive and tactile feedback of...
Disc + Digital Bundle containing Nioh Remastered – Complete Edition (containing the remastered version of Nioh and its DLC) and Nioh 2 Remastered – the Complete Edition...
In the last adventure in the universe of Marvel's Spider-Man, teenager Miles Morales deals with the move into her new home while she followed in the footsteps of his mentor,...
The live card recharges wallet PSN 20 and 35 euro, together with the subscriptions for PS Plus, 3 months and 1 year, change graphics These new live card work exactly like the...
Cruises comfortably in the entertainment on your PlayStation console®5 with an intuitive layout, with multimedia controls. Simplifies configuration with the ability to turn on...
The wireless controller Dualshock®4 defines the next generation of games, combining revolutionary features with an intuitive design and precise controls. The new model is...
PS5 Sony's Demon's Souls Remake for the PlayStation 5. Re-created from scratch and totally improved, this remake catapult players into the horrors of a land of dark fantasy and...
To play in a team with 2-4 players in order to overcome unpredictable challenges, Or play in single player mode in a race against time, topped by snares and dangers. You know,...
Blood & Truth Becomes the protagonist of an action film quite a new game exclusively for PS VR Take the role of a soldier of the elite SAS and be prepared to face a...
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