2521249 Nintendo Switch Game Super Mario Odyssey


Join Mario in a huge 3D adventure around the world! Uses his new abilities to collect moons with which to operate the Odyssey, his ship the steering wheel, and help him save princess Peach from the plans of the marriage of Bowser!


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  • This Mario game in a 3D sandbox style, which continues the tradition of Super Mario 64 1997, Super Mario Sunshine from 2002, is full of secrets and surprises and, with the new moves to Mario as the launch of the cap and the cap-ture, live gaming experiences never seen before. Prepared to discover the places of colorful and exotic and very far from the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Discover the enormous kingdoms in 3D, and rich in secrets and surprises, including full costumes for Mario and the many ways of interacting with the environment: you can explore them on board of vehicles or in the shoes of Mario pixellato.
  • Thanks to his new friend Cappy, Mario can perform new moves such as the launch of the hat, the jump with the hat and the cap-ture. With this, Mario can take control of objects and enemies!
  • Visit new breathtaking scenery, like the skyscrapers of New Donk City, and encounter friends and bad, old and new, while trying to stop the plans of Bowser.
  • The launch of the game will also be available in a set of three new amiibo (sold separately): Mario, princess Peach and Bowser, all in wedding dresses. Even some of the amiibo already existing, they will be compatible. You can use the amiibo that are compatible to receive assistance in the game, and some of them unlock costumes for Mario!