Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm Gold Aluminium Case/Pink Sand Sports Band


The future of health is on your wrist.
Apple Watch Series 6 ahead of its time with an app and a sensor revolutionary can measure the oxygen in the blood.


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The future of health is on your wrist.
Apple Watch Series 6 ahead of its time with an app and a sensor revolutionary can measure the oxygen in the blood. Get an electric at any time and keep at hand the data of your business thanks to the Retina display that is always active. This watch will help you lead a healthy life, active, and connected with everything that matters to you.
Oxygen in the blood
The blood oxygen level (or saturation) is a key indicator of your overall well-being. It helps you to understand whether your body absorbs the oxygen it needs, and how to deploy it. The Apple Watch Series 6 incorporates an app and a sensor is very innovative, able to measure the saturation of oxygen at any time. This watch takes care of your performance, day and night.
New sensor. New data.
The oxygen sensor in the blood consists of four groups of four LEDS and four photodiodes. It is integrated in the new glass back of the watch and works hand-in-hand with the app Blood Oxygen to determine the saturation.
Focuses on what is important.
The LED green, red and infrared projecting the light in the blood vessels of the wrist and the photodiodes measure the amount of reflected light. Advanced algorithms calibrate, then the color of the blood, which determines the level of oxygen it contains.
ECG: an electro to the wrist. Always.
Thanks to the app the ECG, the Apple Watch Series 6 is able to generate an electrocardiogram similar to the derivation of I. This is a extraordinary breakthrough for a device that you wear. Provides clinicians with critical information to you greater safety.
Dream: to wake up better than you.
A good night's sleep is essential if you want to take advantage of every minute of every day. The new app, Sleep helps you create a routine of bedtime and keeps track of your hours of rest. In this way, it will be easier for you to reach your goals. Sleep is an art.
Exercise: the Apple Watch has been exceeded. Now it is your turn.
Get in shape and reach new goals is in your hands. Find the motivation you need and record more carefully your training in the water, in the gym or outdoors. It is time to break your limits.
The Display more bright. At all hours.
The Retina display is always active, it is now more bright, even when the wrist is at rest. Even when you're on the go, you can easily view all of the information on the dial without moving a finger.
Always available. Now you can do more with the clock idle. Scroll down to view the notification Center, upwards to display the control Center or tap complications. Very useful when you're bored in the middle of a meeting.

Settings family. Your family and you, us hand-in-hand.
Family Settings allows you to use your iPhone to connect the clocks of children and the elderly do not have telephones.6 Then all of them are in contact, via call, message or walkie-talkie. You can also listen to music, search the app and close the rings. Autonomy for them. Peace of mind for you.

Retina Display always active
GPS + mobile phone
The App for oxygen in the blood
Notifications of the heart rate high or low
Notice of irregular rhythm
Compatible with the family settings (models-GPS + cell phone)
Water resistant up to 50 meters